If you haven't attend a training in person:  

Contact Lani, Rafael or Sharon
If you previously attended the training:

Online Training Required!
If you are employed with the parish in any capacity, or if you are a volunteer who works with minors in any capacity four or more times per year, this training is REQUIRED by the Archdiocese of Portland.  ALL PARENTS are also highly encouraged to attend.  If you don't go through this program, you cannot continue volunteering with minors until you've been trained, so please plan on attending!   If you DID go through Called to Protect Training, received a certificate of completion, and are listed in our database as having completed it, you are eligible to complete the online update. Each update will take 1/2 hour.  In subsequent years, you will only need to complete a 1/2 hour update.  

Instructions for online training -  Click Here:

Your username is the first letter of your first name and then your last name.
     (For example: Your name is Joe Smith, your username would be jsmith). 

Your password is the four numerical digits of your birthday (month date), followed by your state abbreviation.  
     (For example, if Jane Arnold lives in Oregon and her birthday is March 26, her password would be 0326or)

Once you are logged in, you can take the required course/(s).